OLM Instrumental Music Program

2016-2017 Rehearsal Schedule

Unless otherwise noted, our rehearsal schedule follows the OLM School calendar. We don't have rehearsals when school is out of session. After the holiday concert, rehearsals are suspended until school begins again in January. Also, after the spring concert, the program is finished for the school year.

Planned rehearsal schedule (subject to change after registration is complete):

MONDAY 2:35-3:25 – 4th Grade Beginner Group 1 (will likely include flute, sax, & clarinet students)

TUESDAY 2:35-3:25 – Sr Band (6th-8th grade)

WEDNESDAY 7:30-8:05 – 4th Grade Beginner Group 2 (will likely include trumpet & trombone students)

WEDNESDAY 2:35-3:25 – Jazz Band (6th-8th grade)

THURSDAY 7:30-8:05 – Brass Class (5th-8th grade)

THURSDAY 2:35-3:25 – Jr Band (5th grade)

FRIDAY 2:35-3:25 – 4th Grade Beginner Group 3 (will likely include drum/bell students)